EACH CAPS: Choti Elaichi (Fruit)20 mg Pashanbhed (Root)125 mgVaruna (Bark) 125mgKutki (Root) 40 mg+Gokhru (Fruit)50 mgMoolishar (KShar) 50 mg Punamava (Root)50mgSendha Namak (Powder) 50 mgSoda (Powder) 70 mgDhania (Fruit) 40 mg
Shudh Fitkari (Bhasam) 80 mgJawakhar (Powder)
70 mgKulthi (Seed)100 mgMakaa (Cornsilk) 50mg

Treats kidney and urinary stones

  • A urine alkalizer
  • Works by increasing the PH of urine which makes it less acidic
  • Dissolves kidney stones
  • Helps the kidneys get rid of excess uric acid, thereby preventing gout and certain types of kidney stones




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