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Medrix Product Certification

Who We Are?

Since the days of its establishment, Medrix Pharma had made a significant presence in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Medrix Pharma has the presence in all most every state of the country delivering an extensive range of medicines which are the combination of both skills and best resources. Based in the pharmaceutical hub Chandigarh, we stand out as the top PCD Pharma Franchise Company.

Our Belief

We are looking forward to expand our business to another level of height.


In order to improve everyone’s health, our business goal is to provide high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).


In order to meet the demands of the global regulatory markets, we have expanded and diversified into the manufacturing of formula


The R&D center is primarily concerned with the creation and improvement of new and existing process technologies supporting API production


In both the early and late phases of drug development, CRAMS @ ISLL takes care of the synthetic chemistry component.


Our trademark is flawless delivery of A Quality par excellence. Our unshakable goal is to uphold established quality standards, which guarantee the safety and effectiveness of drug products.


The Medrix Pharma Group continually expands and fosters an environment that is both commercially and qualitatively profitable for all of its stakeholders.

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Customer Testimonials

Work exp. 22 years in Pharma sales and marketing “Being a member of Medrix Labs Prv LTD. has proven to be of Significant Value to us. Through the Alliance, Mr. Rohit Sharma director of the company and other team members are helping us in establishing the Business. with the latest Updates about New Product Launch.

Mr. Devdatta Gangadhare

I started as a Medical representative at Aith Genetica Labs. Then, I became an Assistant Pharmacist at Nepal Army Hospital, learning even more. Now, with what I’ve learned, I’m excited to start my own business. Medrix Pharma is helping me turn this dream into reality. Thanks to them!”

Nitin Arora

From the last 23 years, I have been in pharma marketing and sales doing my job sincerely and hard-working but when I realized that my salary not fulfilling my needs then I decided to start my own Pharma business in the year 2019 with MEDRIX. After that, I came in contact with Mr. Rohit Sharma CEO of Medrix Labs Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Dipak Bhattad Yavatmal

Why Choose Medrix Pharma?


There are many operational difficulties when operating a franchise. We provide ongoing operational assistance and support to assist our franchise owners in overcoming these obstacles. Any operational questions or problems can be addressed by our devoted team of experts at any time.


Our goal is to establish a network of prosperous franchise owners that not only gain from our assistance but also contribute to our overall expansion. Together, we will create a future in which Medrix Pharma is recognized for its outstanding franchise support and steadfast dedication to improving people’s health and well-being all around the world.

Hand sholding

In order to assure the success and expansion of our esteemed franchise holders, we at Medrix Pharma strongly believe in the power of handholding. We recognize that opening and operating a franchise can be a difficult task, which is why we are devoted to offering thorough hand-holding help at every stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

A PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) franchise is a business model in the pharmaceutical industry that allows individuals or entities to partner with an established pharmaceutical company to promote and distribute their products under their brand name.
First, find a good company in the pharmaceutical field. Talk to them and understand how things work. If both of you like the idea, you’ll sign an agreement and know how much money you need. They’ll teach you about their products and how to sell them. You’ll also finish some paperwork. With their help, set up your franchise, use their ads to start, and begin working. Focus on making friends with doctors and clinics, and give good service.
It’s like teaming up with a trusted friend who gives you a head start in business. You get to use a well-known brand name that customers already like, making it easier to sell. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about the products and how to sell them, so you don’t have to worry. You also get help with advertising and marketing, like having a team to spread the word about your business. Plus, you can save money by buying products in bulk.
Starting a PCD franchise is like beginning a new adventure with a good plan. The investment needed can vary based on the company and location.You’ll need some money for things like setting up your shop, buying the initial stock of products, and getting things going. Think of it as packing your bags with the essentials for a great journey. The exact amount can be different for each franchise, but the good news is that most companies will tell you upfront how much you’ll need.
When you join a PCD franchise, it’s like having a helpful partner by your side. The company will give you training, which is a bit like learning the secrets of how to do things well.they’ll be cheering you on and helping you every step of the way.t’s a bit like having a support team that’s always there for you, making sure you have all you need to make your PCD franchise a success.

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