Churaumi Aquarium is located in Ocean Expo Park. However, you should bring a coat just in case. Total breeding number is over 21,000. There are more than 30 stores like accessory shops, grocers, cafes and restaurants. You will see seasonal rare flowers and fruits, savor tropical fruits and try some coconut juice. 「大人の隠れ家」をコンセプトにした2つの客室。リビングには琉球ビーグを配し、随所に“琉球”を感じられる空間をつくりあげました。, 瀬底の絶景に溶けこむ貸し切りのインフィニティプールなど、特別なプライベートタイムを演出する設備を整えています。, 瀬底山水の周辺は、沖縄の新鮮な食材を使ったメニューが楽しめるレストランたカフェが豊富に揃っています。, こころもからだも美しく磨きあげる、こだわりのスパプラン。月桃の甘い香りに癒されながら、ゆったりとリラックスできます。, 400年以上の歴史をもつ伝統的な沖縄陶器「やちむん」。和のテイストのお部屋に落ち着きと彩りを添えます。, 瀬底島周辺は、シュノーケリングやダイビングなどの人気エリア。琉球の歴史を伝える史跡もあり、さまざまな観光・アクティビティを楽しめます。, ○高速バス&路線バスの場合 (所要時間/約2時間30分から3時間)那覇空港 → 高速バス → 名護バスターミナルで乗り換え → 本部半島線, ○急行バスの場合 (所要時間/約2時間)那覇空港 → やんばる急行バス → 本部港で下車 (宿までタクシーで5分), ・沖縄県バス協会 TEL 098-867-7386  ・やんばる急行バス TEL 0980-56-5760, 瀬底 山水 You will find souvenirs and taste Okinawa foods and sweets. Okinawa World, the four times size of Tokyo Dome, offers you various experiences for Okinawa history, culture and nature. This has Traditional Okinawa Village and Omoro Arboretum. This is a garden registered as a world heritage site, which used to be the largest royal residence of Ryukyu family. You should see the wonderful relationship between dolphins and staff. A monorail called “Yui rail” starts at Naha Airport. The building with a whitewashed wall against blue sky and sea looks like the resort area in the Mediterranean. Please visit and check them. Behind the shrine is a beach called “Nami no ue beach.” It is good spot to make a short visit after the shrine. If you have never been to Okinawa, it would be best to go to the main island of Okinawa with clear sea and sandy beach. Common souvenir is chinsuko(Okinawa traditional cookie) and purple sweet potato tart. 905-0227 Okinawa, Motobu, Sesoko Anchibaru 2471-26, Japan. If you want to go around Naha City or the whole Okinawa Island, you should use a rental car. The feature is the longest limestone cave in Japan, Gyokusendo, which have a total length of 5000 meters, and watching a dancing group “Super Eisa.” Eisa is classical dance to hold a memorial service for the dead. The monorail stops at Shurijo Castle and Kokusai Street, which is a shopping district in Naha City. Let’s make an efficient plan to go around spots and great memory with Okinawa travel. We can have precious experience to feel Okinawa atmosphere. You enjoy shopping and meal. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Every April to November is swimming season. Summer Festivals Autumn Festivals 5 must-visit sightseeing spots in Okinawa. Miyako noodle is straight and flat noodle topped with pork and boiled fish paste. Tropical orchards cultivate tropical trees that bear 100 types of fruits like mango, papaya and pineapple. Every year, over a million people come to this entertainment place. You feel like walking in the sea if you come here. Dolphins can sing to Okinawa local song. Shurijo Castle Park is regularly held on some activities such as a ceremony to open the gate at morning , Ryukyu dance concert, illumination at night, Taking a photo with Ryukyu clothing, Sanshin lesson and so on. During busy time, it might be good to use Okinawa Expressway and Naha Airport Expressway. To get the great view of Okinawa from the sea, try sea kayaking, SUP, fishing or four-wheeled buggy. You will see the wonderful scenery from the house called “Udon.” You can go around the garden in about an hour if you walk slowly. The feature of Okinawa food is colorful and strange appearance like fish, mimiga-(pig ears), bitter melon, pickled Japanese shallot. Snorkeling and diving is the best way to see emerald green sea with coral reef area. 1. From the hill in front of the main hall of the castle, you can overlook Naha City. When moving within Naha City, bus, taxi, monorail and bicycle are good transportation. “Kokusai Street Yataimura” opened in 2015 gathers restaurants serving Okinawa food. You go to see beautiful emerald green sea, a world heritage, “Shurijyo Castle” and so on. Shurijo Castle is the symbol of Ryukyu Kingdom’s history and culture. Senagajima Umikaji Terrace is a largest shopping mall near Naha Airport in Tomigusuku City of Okinawa. You see about 1000 fireworks. Ernie Pyle is a war-correspondent killed in battle. It offers blessings for avoidance of bad luck, easy delivery, family’s safety, prosperous trade and so on. If you like spicy taste, you can add “ko-re-gusu,” which is pickled chili pepper with strong Okinawa liquor or seven-spice chili pepper. Winter average temperature is 18 ℃. It is about 15 minutes drive from Naha Airport and connected with Okinawa Island. If you worried about transportation, you will check a bus tour by Daiichi Naha bus. We introduce must-visit 5 sightseeing spots and the tips for walking around Okinawa to you who have never been to Okinawa. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is a must-visit sightseeing spot in Okinawa. The remains of Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa used to be called Ryukyu Kingdom) and the scenery of great nature in Okinawa will give you precious experience. Clear vermillion color is the symbol of royal. Nago Summer Festival held on last Saturday and Sunday of Every July. Sightseeing spots in Okinawa is divided into three area:northern, central and southern part. A long time ago, Ryukyu Kingdom specially treated only eight shrines. You will have a wonderful view of Girama Islands. 7 Sightseeing spots and Travel tips in Kumamoto. Okinawa World is 30 minutes drive from Naha Airport. It was built in 14th century. Sightseeing in Naha City of Okinawa is to walk around Kokusai Street. Naminoue Shrine was one of Ryukyu Hasha. In addition, there is an arboretum displaying 22 native species of Okinawa. Shikinaen is located in Naha City of Okinawa. You can rent a car around Naha Airport as there are some rental car shops. Yaesoba noodle is straight and round noodle with boiled fish paste made from fish in the sea near Ishigaki Island. 1.6 kilometers street is located in the center of Naha City. The notice to drive in Okinawa is that Naha City is heavy traffic in the morning and evening.

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