Collagen peptide type II 250 mg Glucosamine 750 mg Mucopoly saccharide 150 mg Sodium hyaluronate 25 mg Vitamin C 50 mg Calcitrol 0.25 mcg Boswellia Serrata extract 100 mg Zinc sulphate 4 mg and Copper sulphate 500 mcg Ginger Extract

  • Glucosamine
      • naturally occurring chemical found in the human body mainly in joints
      • commonly used for osteoarthritis.
      • Glucosamine is vital for building cartilage.
      • Cartilage is a flexible, tough connective tissue found in several parts of the body
  • Collagen peptide type II
      • Type II collagen is responsible for tensile strength and toughness in the cartilage.
      • Taking collagen type II it reduces autoimmunity which results in less inflammation of  osteoarthritis and rheumatism.
  • Mucopolysaccharides
    • sugar molecules that are found throughout the body
    • When the body cannot break down mucopolysaccharides, a condition  called mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) occurs.




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